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Jason D Sliviak - Owner 
  I specialize in creative photography and Cinematography, so I approach things a bit differently than most.

Some just capture or document a moment in time; I try to find Art in every image.

I am available for all types of photography including Fashion Photography for editorial and Designer Look Books, Model Portfolios, Acting Headshots, Creative Portraits and family Portraits, Pregnancy Photography, Senior Pictures, Events, Product/Commercial, Automotive and Real Estate photography.  

I have a unique specialty in low light photography for Concerts, Nightlife, Fashion Shows, Receptions & Corporate events.
Not being able to settle for standard pictures, I have developed my own ways to overcome the problems of shooting in low light.
Here is a video showing how I use lighting on-location for photography  

Note: This was just a quick impromptu self filmed behind the scene look...(not a proper video production with separate audio).

Cinematography / Videography
I produce film and edit commercials, Music videos and films.
I am also available as a Cinematographer & Director of Photography for Producers & Directors. 
Please see the Video Production tab for more info.

Photo by Bob Hammerstrom - The Nashua Telegraph

 - A pair of models get their instructions on the set by Jason Sliviak - Director of Photography for a commercial filming Thursday, March 8, 2012, for the entertainment company 'I Am King Entertainment' at the Nashua Airport.


  Why chose JDS Photography? 

I’m sure some would inevitably say, “I can get my picture taken for less”

Yes, it’s true, you can get your pictures taken for less, but you do get what you pay for.

1. Personalized service – I can come to your Home or Business with a portable studio.

2. I do not lure you in with a ‘free sitting’ or ‘Free 8x10’ and then charge you for every additional print or individual service.
    I give you the images on CD/DVD to keep and use how you wish, saving you money.

3. I offer touch up services at no additional charge because I want the pictures to look their best.

4. I take the time to set up the lighting to complement the individual. Most big Studios have a lighting set up that does not change and is flat even lighting. This may be OK for some shots and terrible for others.
 This is an example of how the right lighting and angle can dramatically change someone’s portrait.
 This is an example of the dramatic change in post process editing I can do.
I can not only remove blemishes but smooth problem skin, remove scars, smooth out hair, change the shape of your face or certain features, whiten teeth, make you appear thinner...etc
 This is an example of my portable studio when doing corporate headshots on-location

(Email after receiving the headshots from above.)
   These are fantastic! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these, it really shows. (And I do think our photos are better than the other cities in our corporation!) I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the market for a great photographer.
Thank you again for your time and I hope to be in touch soon
Stacey Bradbury - TM Capital (Boston Branch)
 Examples of published work
This portrait of Murray Beach, Managing Director of TM Capital was published in the Boston Business Journal.
This shot was taken on location at their Boston office in the John Hancock Building.

 Photo Shoot with TV celebrity Charlie Moore "The Mad Fisherman" Published in Azimuth - (The Hummer Club) Magazine
  Dec 2016 Issue of NH Magazine (Print & Web)
I am available for all kinds of Events such as Fashion shows, Political apperances & celebrity red carpet events
About 16 years ago when all my friends were getting married around the same time, I observed many photographers do a very poor job. It was after my best friend's wedding I realized I must start doing Wedding Photography. I was a groomsman and could not photograph his wedding; However, I did do some formals for them after the hired photographer was finished. When my best friend received the proofs to choose which ones he wanted to purchase, they hated them all! They were so upset they did not purchase one picture! How heartbreaking to experience something you can't reverse. However, they proudly have my pictures on their wall to this day, and were thrilled I was able to salvage a part of their once in a life time moment.
 "Jason and Lisa took wonderful pictures at my wedding in April. They were both really professional and truly understood what my husband and I were looking for. The price is reasonable and the work is outstanding. We ended up getting over 600 pictures! I would highly recommend them."
Lori & Jeff Short - Encino CA
 Calendar and Advertising photography
A behind the scenes look at a calendar and advertisement shoot for Bikini Hut Swimwear
with Model Sara Caldeira of the N.E.Patriots cheerleaders
 "Jason is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with in my 13 years in business. He is extremely professional and always fun to work with at the same time. He is a master of his craft and has a wonderful way of making his subjects feel very comfortable. I have complete confidence in him. I trust that he knows the best angle, the best light and style for every shoot we do...I could go on and on"   
Dana Duggan - Bikini Hut Swimwear, Boston MA
 Remember my Guarantee, that you are at no risk of disappointment!
I assure you that I am far more demanding of my work than you are. In addition, being in the digital age we can review your pictures immediately. If you are not completely happy we will make the adjustments needed right then and there. If the photographs do not meet your expectations you do not pay!
Call me to chat about your needs - 603-505-1615
Or Email me at  jason@jdsphoto.net
Note: Please keep in mind I do not post every type of photography on my site so if you do not see exact examples of what you are looking for please contact me.

Artist Bio:

I have been an artist from an early age. My primary medium was drawing but I also enjoyed painting. In grade school one of my drawings was selected to be featured on the cover of the Town’s Annual Report. Later in High school my art teacher asked to submit one of my drawings into a regional competition hosted by the Boston Globe. She later presented me with a certificate of the Boston Globe Golden Key award.

I had an interest in Photography in School but could not afford a camera. Fast forward through life and the responsibilities of the world and I slowly stopped drawing and painting. I got married in 1999 and in 2000 my Wife and I were expecting our first child. Ironically I still did not own a camera. With a child on the way, I would need a camera and knew I could not get a simple ‘point and shoot’. The rest is self evident.

I was very excited about photography as my artistic creativity was renewed. Every creative person needs an outlet, be it music, dance, Painting etc.

Photography has been my medium of choice. Now I am very excited about cinematography.

The transition to cinematography is easy as I view film as moving pictures. That outlook is very important and inspired a different set of criteria when filming.

I am for the most part self taught, however I have attended workshops at:
 - Whitepines College (now Chester College)
 - New Hampshire Institute of Art
 - SOPHA (The Studio of Photographic Arts).
 - I have a Certificate from Nikon School
I also have attended seminars with famous Photographers such as Joyce Tenneson, Robert Zimmerman, David Mecey, Moose Peteson, Michael Grecco, Tyler Stableford, Lou Jones and David Guy Maynard.
 Lou Jones, Howard Schatz and I at the Griffin Museum of Photography
For those with a knowledge of Photography, interested in what equipment I use,
I shoot with a Canon 5D MkIII
See Video page for a detailed list of lenses.
For lighting I have several softboxes and light modifiers
I have six flashes which are all radio triggered for wireless operation. 
I also use gels, when needed to color the light.
Software used is Photoshop and LightRoom
News: I am building a collection of images of abandoned vehicles for a series and hopefully a book. If you know of any local 60’s and older unrestored vehicles sitting in the weeds or a barn... please let me know the location. - Thanks